Personally, I think all you really need is callisthenics.
This varies on your goals of course.

Everyday, generally I do a few sets of 100 push-ups (throughout the day), as many pull ups as I can do for 3 sets or so, (around 30-40 first set, significantly less on second set, depending on when I'm exercising and how much energy I have, and on the third set usually I manage around 5-10). Sometimes I alternate with different variations of pull ups for each set, like using one arm, or doing chin ups, etc. I also do squats, handstand push ups, dips, and a whole bunch of exercises I pretty much made up, along with a little Parkour, than I don't do every day.

I try to run for an hour every day, early in the morning. (barefoot) :P And sometimes I skip rope in the afternoon (especially if I don't run that day).

Wait, you  can do 30 pullups in one set? But you do 100 push ups throughout the whole day? Either I am not understanding somehitng or your pecs/triceps shoulders er really underdeveloped compared to your back and biceps…


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