Body weight exercsises, or calisthenics, are my favorite!!  They're great for women actually because we're less likely to hurt ourselves this way if you're not used to any for of working out.  If you're into  true calisthenics then you should Google "Bar Brothers" who are 2 Serbs living in Washington DC who've created this worldwide community for calisthenics, healthy living, and positive attitudes. They also do street workouts, too. 

I personally combine calisthenics with my personal trainer.  He uses mostly calisthenics, too.  But we do occasionally use some weights with some exercises, but it's never a lot. I'm so glad to be starting back with my personal trainer today actually after not seeing him for about 8 months.

I find their whole thing to be more showmanship then actually giving instructions. Meaning, yes they are in good shape, creds and all that. But they are not functioning as instructors, they just promote it(nothing bad about that) and they want to sell the bar brothers gloves…

But I find calisthenics to be good. The notion that the going to the gym is something magical that will get you fit, is one that many people have. But unless one is going with someone often as a social thing, or has specific goals related to sports. it will die out fast..

Igor, hmm.. If those are correctly performed pushups and pullups, then respect. What is your weight/ height. ?


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