I find their whole thing to be more showmanship then actually giving instructions. Meaning, yes they are in good shape, creds and all that. But they are not functioning as instructors, they just promote it(nothing bad about that) and they want to sell the bar brothers gloves…

But I find calisthenics to be good. The notion that the going to the gym is something magical that will get you fit, is one that many people have. But unless one is going with someone often as a social thing, or has specific goals related to sports. it will die out fast..

Igor, hmm.. If those are correctly performed pushups and pullups, then respect. What is your weight/ height. ?

Well, they never claim to be instructors.  They do have videos on their YouTube channel that are instructional. But no, they aren't instructors. They're motivators.  They have created a community of discipline that involves being healthy, staying in shape and being true to yourself. If you're in the DC area you can have them as trainers though.  Which if I was in the DC area I'd do it.

But I have the perfect trainer here in Serbia and I wouldn't give Ognjen up for the world. Him and his partner, Jelena, are the best.  I was greeted with hugs and well wishes yesterday from both of them. They treat their clients like family. And really work with you on whatever your goals are. 

And I do love those Bar Brothers' gloves, though.. I'd prefer the hoodie though, just because I love hoodies. 

They are :) Although, I can do less now because I've kinda gotten lazy and put on 10kg of fat, but that'll come off soon.
Right now I'm 70kg, but when I was doing those exercises I was 57-60. I'm 165 cm (roughly 5"4)
I can only do 20 pullups in a set now, and around 70 pushups, because of the extra weight.

Still not bad for a 16 year old :D

Not bad at all for a 16 year old. I wish when I was your age I would have cared more.


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