I just wanted to ask, when was actually first mention of term "Slovak" as ethnicity/nation?

I gave you a lot of examples, but if you are interested in the older mentions of the country's name Slovensko = Slovakia, here are few that I know about (not mentioning the Wendic term now).

– In 1029 St. Emeric, ruler of the Nitrian principality http://forum.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,546.0.html is called Henricus dux Sclavonie.
– In 1113 Nestor calls the territory of present-day Slovakia Slověnskaja zemlja (Slovak land). Official name of Slovakia in Slovak language is still Slovensko.
– In 1571 Slovakia is mentioned in Czech records: Slowáci jsou w krajině Slovenské (Slovaks are in Slovak land…); or Na Moravě a Slowácých (In Moravia and Slovakia…).
– In 1645 there's a record in German language In Schlowaken… – In Slovakia…
– In 1669 the Latin record proves that the Sclavonia term equals Slovensko = Slovakia in the Central European area: de pago Vrbka in Sklavonia – from a village Vrbka in Slovakia.
– In 1675 people of Broumovsko county ask the hetman in Uherské Hradiště about the exception of their county in borders conflicts: aby místa a chotary od Slovenska jsouci, přehlédnuté byly. – od Slovenska = from Slovakia.
– In 1697 we know about another German record Ein Slowak aus der Slowakei – A Slovak from Slovakia.
– In 1696 in a marriage register it's written Slovenka ze Slovák – A Slovak woman from Slovakia.

Source: Kultúra Slova, ročník 26, číslo 8, 1992

So, English name Slovakia for Slovensko originates in Latin (which is a distortion of original word Slovensko) that went through German and Czech language, was partially accepted in Slovak language too (Slovák = Slovak man), but wasn't accepted for the original name of country Slovensko, adj. slovenský, name for Slovak woman Slovenka and language slovenčina.

Important notice! Present-day Slovakia as such was definitely integrated in the new Kingdom of Hungary in the 12th-13th century (by the centralization of the state), but as you can see, Slovakia was still perceived as a separated unit in the official documents;)


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