Please will you be nice and find for me origin of name MATUŠKOVO for that village in Slovakia. Because my surname is MATUŠKO and my family is from Dubrovnik and suround region. , and originaly we are autoctonic Croatians.

Thanks in advance!

This won't be interesting for you as the name Matúškovo is of newer origin – commies used to rename some villages/towns, for example if the name had something to do with Christianity (svätý – Saint). More info about Janko Matúška http://forum.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,307.0.html
As for the village, it is located in South-Western Slovakia http://goo.gl/maps/12iFf . The archaelogical findings tell us about settlement in the Brozne Age and there's a Slavic urn grove from Middle Age. Later the village was named after some Magyar ruler (Takšoň) and then to Matúškovo as I mentioned above.

I don't know how much you know about your surname, but most probably it derives from Matúš (Matthew). Matúško in Slovak is diminutive of Matúš.. a little Matúš.


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