Damn this Magyars, they destroyed everything. 20. century was very successful for Slavs (except massive losses in WWII). We have gained our own states, but we mustn´t waste our time. It is needed to rebuilt our culture. Magyars don´t sleep.

Don't be that paranoid XD I believe you're just kidding :)
Normal non-chauvinistic/non-nacionalistic Hungarians have other troubles on their minds than assimilation of Slovaks/Slavs and "rebuilt" of Great Hungaria. I often write on Skype (in English) with two Hungarian girls, they're very nice and without any prejudicies against Slovaks or any nation (one lives 10 kilometres from Slovak-Hungarian borders, and one lives in Poľný Berinčok (Mezőberény), where lots of Germans and Slovaks live). Maybe it's rare case through Magyars, who knows :D
There were indeed lots of sh*ts they did to us in past, I won't forget it. But Boglárka and Katalin are the main reason why I'm not such a paranoid against Hungary and Hungarians, not anymore.


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