This won't be interesting for you as the name Matúškovo is of newer origin – commies used to rename some villages/towns, for example if the name had something to do with Christianity (svätý – Saint). More info about Janko Matúška http://forum.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,307.0.html
As for the village, it is located in South-Western Slovakia http://goo.gl/maps/12iFf . The archaelogical findings tell us about settlement in the Brozne Age and there's a Slavic urn grove from Middle Age. Later the village was named after some Magyar ruler (Takšoň) and then to Matúškovo as I mentioned above.

I don't know how much you know about your surname, but most probably it derives from Matúš (Matthew). Matúško in Slovak is diminutive of Matúš.. a little Matúš.

Thanks alot! :) your answer make me happy more then you can imagine! :D

I found first mention of my surname in Dubrovnik 1715. Ivan Matuško was a scribe in a Dubrovnik republic's government. (make me so proud! :)


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