But it shows you that there is no real culture behind Yugoslav anthem, if they even took melody from Dąbrowski.
Poland vs. Yugoslavia match during communist times must have been entertaining at times of anthem singing.  ;D

Melody is only similar to Mazurka Dombrovskega but still far from being the same. Even the oldest known written melody of Hej Slováci isn't a copy of Maz. Dom.  :)

I regret that the part with Perun is lost in South Slavic translations, though the Slovene translation is closest to the original of all South Slavic ones. Does anyone know why there are no East Slavic versions?

Regardless, song sounds nice.

As long as you don't go to Germany and sing loud "Deutschlandlied" in public, it's OK. Anyhow, someone who likes to sing Partisan songs isn't any less controverse than someone who sings fascist songs IMO. And I agree with you – those songs have something that forces you to sing along.  ;D


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