@”Bernhard “

> My dads family is Belarusian but they are a mix of Ethnic Balts, Finns, Russians and Tatars.

You forgot to mention a someone from north-eastern Latvia to this list you mentioned above.

I doubt there were Finns in Belarus. Also,  Lutheran Finns, Orthodox Russians , Muslim Tatars, Roman Catholic Lithuanians, Jews were unlikely to mix in the past due different religions. Exception was Orthodox/Greek Catholic Belarusians mixing with Roman Catholic Balts and Poles despite religion.

The picture you sent me of a female stating she’s from north-western Belarus with a surname common among Lipka Tatars did have a Tatar vibe about her. She looked as a Finno-Ugric of Volga-Ural region of Russia. 

People who stated this particular relative of yours  looks ‘Finnic’ probably meant she looks Finno-Ugric of Volga -Ural region. She doesn’t look as a regular Belarusian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian or Finnish (Finn of Finland) in my eyes.


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