Ok, so I will not write about the Serbs. About others:

– Macedonians – very warm and good people, makes best music! have unbeliavable rhytms, have Leb i Sol, funny talking
– Montenegros – strong people, makes great pršut, home of the many of the serbian rulers. funny talking
– Bosnians – very cheerful people, make soul tearing music and good pies. funny talking
– Croatians – great unity and patriotism, women that makes me wanna explode :). funny talking
– Slovenes – aliens to all of us :) responsible, hard working, good, calm, pacifists. funny talking

Please dont be insult by this "funny talking", for us from Belgrade, everyone else talk funny, even whole rest of Serbia. Yes, I know that if that`s the case, the problem must be in us, but can`t do anything about that :)