Surptisingly, have you guys noted that most Yugo-nostalgic people on this forum are "Yugoslavs", who don't live in any ex-Yu country? Americans or whatever. All crazy 'bout making a 3rd Yuga by not even knowing how the status here is. I know, I haven't lived in the times of Yugoslavia and I can't say it all sounds bad, but nowadays, if we look deep inside our hearts, we don't want it. For us Slovenes the EU is enough and we like it less and less. Croatians will see soon how it is … :)

I think Jugoslavija was much way better and respected than all of our tribe – countries. Germany and France in EU nowdays are what Serbia and Croatia were in Jugoslavija.

As I said I like that spirit of unity that they had in former country and I still look at the people from Slovenia to Montenegro as MY people but I don't wanna hear that somebody is better than me cause he is Serb or Croatian and that was the case in YU. I believe in equality.