Fortunately today Russian folk music begins to revive and become popular among people to a large extent due to such amazing perfomers like Pelageya. Here are two very popular Russian folk songs with her perfomance.

"Любо, братцы, любо" is dedicated to glorious deeds of Don Cossack during the Russo-Turkish War (1768–1774), when the 500-men Cossack regiment holded the line against the 10 thousands-men horde of Krim Tatars, defending a transport with refugees. They holded for 2 days and then with the help of 300-men regiment managed to defeat Tatars. Tatars lost 500 men, Cossacks lost only 82 men. :)
Пелагея – Любо, братцы… -Pelagea

"Ой, то не вечер" first appeared by Ural Cossacks under the name "Razin sees a dream". It is sung from the view of Stepan Razin, who tells about a bad dream, which anticipates misfortune.
Фолк-Театр "Забайкалье" и гр. "Пелагея" – Ой, да не вечер!!!


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