1st of all, dalmatians are not more tanned, lol, wtf most blond and blue eyes Croatians come from Dalmatia.
Sure there are dark ones, its not more common than in rest of croatia.

I2a2 is as slavic as it is R1a, as all slavic countries have atleast 10% of it.

Its not Ilyirian, Ilyirian is E haplogroup

I haplogroups are considered paleolithic European, and  origins I2a are under the newest research have origins  from region of Carpathians .
Indo-european proto-slavs mixed with them when they entered Europe.

Yes its most common with Dalmatia Croats,and Herzegovina Croats, but those are the places of original Croat point of settlement with most archeological findings, and cities of Croatian kings, from which they expanded northwards
Also to note, from research taken in Zagreb, Zagreb population among around 70 people tested, had  51% of I2a2.

Its dark blue


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