Dinaric type is called dinaric since it is suposed to have origin in Dinaric alps. Founded Illyrian skeletons were dolihocephalic and brachicephalic.

Paleo European people people as ancestors of modern Europeans
Great migrations of whole ethnic groups without any archeological remains are impossible. Logical conclusion is that there wasn't changing of Balkan ethnic structure.

Population of Bosnia is autochtonus, among them Serbs of course, we are not descendents of Vlah people.
Oldest evidence is from Frankish chronicler Einhard in 822: "…Sorabos, quae natio magnum Dalmatiae partem obtinere…" (Serbs, nation who inhabit great part of Dalmatia (at that time, teritory of Roman province Dalmatia, ie. modern BiH, Dalmatia and Montenegro)).