You should start doing some weaponry :)

Actually, I am planning "one day" to make my own bow. An of course also the arrows  ;D

Or you could just fire sticks with your bow :D thought i used to make bows at my cottage as a kid. I usually went into woods with an axe, find few good elastic sturdy branches, cut them down and the fun would start :P

Swaty, we could rename this thread into "Slavic items – Blacksmithing, leatherworking, jewelry and other" huh? for pps to post what kind of stuff they make or want to do, what do you say lady? Or to let SitňaN update us with his works a bit to let us see what and how he made, what do you say SitňaN?

I agree. The solution is up to you, moderators. To rename this thread or creating new, crafts oriented thread.


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