I somehow have the impression that the Cyrillic use in Serbia is losing the battle against the "latinica". Do not let this happen!!!

Most Macedonians use Latin letters just because they are way too lazy to press those two buttons on the keyboard that change the typing language while chatting.  :)

You've probably noticed this on social networks like FB or so…

When someone writes anything clever down here, she/he would definitely use Cyrillic.

I believe it's pretty much the same in Bulgaria.

On the other hand, it helps me when Serbs or Macedonians write in Latin script. If I want to find anything about Serbia or Macedonia, I usually don't look for informations only in English, but I try to find them out in your native languages as well. I can read in Cyrillic and I find it very nice, but reading in Latin is easier for me. So there are not only negatives of using Latin among you.