When I was travelling across Czechoslovakia before it's separation I used to put a chain on the door of my sleeping compartment. In the middle of the night when we passed into Slovakia the conductory tried to open the door to check the passports. But because I had the chain on I said to him in Russian language " podajdi."(wait)  Well then he got so mad that he nearly ripped the door off. But once he was inside I put my Canadian passport in his face and he backed right off. I see that the Catholics don't like Russian Orthodox language.

As a Slovak with the catholic upbringing can honestly tell you, that I really respect orthodox church. Here, in western Slovakia, it is something exotic. Maybe much more than budhism or hinduism which spread here on the wave of New Age. Orthodox Mass is very beautiful. It reminds me lost Byzantine Empire. In my opinion orthodox church is much more close to true ancient christian creed than catholic.