I cheered for Hajduk Tuzla, a Bosnian club.

I’m from Serbia and as an 80’s kid I was thought that I’m a Yugoslav. Being a Serb was just a geographical region, I considered myself to be a part of the great Yugoslav people.

It was crazy when the war broke out. I’ve heard about ustashas only from the history books about the WW2 genocide, it was quite a shock when some people started waving Nazi flags and killing poor Yugoslav 18 yrs old conscripts. Then the war broke out. And when I saw mujahedins in Bosnia cutting Serbian and Croatian people heads off, just because they weren’t Muslims, it was really a traumatizing childhood. My own people separated into 3 different religious fractions, started a bloody war and turned into freaking monsters.

The country I was born in doesn’t exist anymore. A lot of time had to pass until I found my own identity again. Hajduk Tuzla fans often cheer “kill the Serbs” on the matches today. I don’t cheer for any football club anymore.