Are there any good beer brands (especially microbreweries) in Mestreech? I am into wheat beers and ale's. :D

As far as I know, there are no major breweries anymore in Maastricht :(
What is left, is only small breweries, but they don't make a lot of beer, so their beer is really hard to find.

One beer brand that originates in Maastricht, is Wieckse Witte ("The White from Wijck (= an area in Maastricht)"), but it isn't produced in Maastricht anymore. Their site: http://www.wieckse.nl/

But have no fear! There are a lot of major breweries in Limburg (the province Maastricht is the capital of). Some of them are:
– Brand Bier – brewed in the small village of Wijlre, the best Dutch beer there is! – http://www.brand.nl/
– Gulpener – brewed in Gulpen http://www.gulpener.nl/
– Alfa – brewed in Schinnen – http://www.alfabier.nl/
– Chateau Neubourg (which is a smaller brand) – brewed in Gulpen
– Hertog Jan – brewed in Arcen – http://www.hertogjan.nl/site/

(note that to enter the sites, you need to enter your date of birth to show that you are over 18 years old)

Hope this will help you in your quest for beer! ;)


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