[size=12pt]Vjesci ([/size]Wieszczy[size=12pt])[/size]

The vjesci (Polish: wieszczy) is a vampire in Polish folklore. According to legend, a person was destined to be a vjesci from the time they were born. It was possible to point one out from a caul located on the newborn's head. In order to prevent the person from becoming a vjesci, the caul was removed, dried, ground and fed to the person on their seventh birthday. For the most part, the vjesci would appear to be quite normal and would blend into the community. Some accounts say that the vjesci had an excitable nature and a ruddy complexion. At the time of their death, a vjesci would refuse to take the sacrament. The body would cool closely and the limbs would remain limber. The lips and cheeks would remain red. Spots of blood often appeared under the fingernails and on the face. Accoding to legend, the vjesci did not really die, however. At midnight after burial, the vampire returned to life, eating his clothes and some of his own flesh. The vampire left the grave and returned home to eat his family and neighbors.

Preventing an attack
This legend is particularly interesting because people were actually told how to protect themselves against a vjesci.

1. All dying persons must receive the Eucharist.
2. Soil was placed inside the coffin and underneath the body to prevent it from returning home.
3. A crucifix or coin was placed under the tongue of the corpse for the vampire to suck on.
4. A net would sometimes be placed inside the coffin. The concept behind this was that the knots on the netting must be untied (one knot per year) before the vampire could rise again.
5. Bodies were laid in the coffin face down so that the corpse, if it returned to life, would simply dig further into the Earth.

Similar belief as Zduhac, Zmajevit, Vjedogonja, Kresnik etc. of the south Slavs. Not necessarily always evil appearances.


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