This is the best I could find.
In this Sunday, June 3, 2012 photo showing a piece of iron next to skeleton dated back in the Middle Ages, at the archeological site in the Black sea town of Sozopol.

Ah, I see it now. Thanks :)

South Slavic warlocks and witches (vjesci i vjestice) also drink blood and eat human hearths, so they are some kind of vampires too.

Didn't know that, can you post more info on them?

Similar belief as Zduhac, Zmajevit, Vjedogonja, Kresnik etc. of the south Slavs. Not necessarily always evil appearances.

Yeah, though in modern times a lot of European folk tales have been modified to fit modern standards. For example, Djed Mraz originally kidnapped children, but due Russian Orthodoxy, Djed Mraz became a more friendly character, like Saint Nicholas.


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