Probably. The old slavs (at least in the balkans) used to bury their dead under the entrance of the house. They though that the souls of the dead would remain drawn to their resting place and thus protect their former  household.

So it would make sense that they saw graveyards as dangerous, haunted places and would build them outside of settlements. Usually the souls wandered about 40 days before leaving this world. Vampires were seen as souls that remained in their bodies.

In Slovene mythology during period around new year souls of ancestors came back on earth for few days. People would dress into "devilish costumes" on that day. When Christianity came folks just used St. Nicholas day for this but in Bohinj there are still some villages where this tradition is upheld during coming of new year. We share this tradition with Austrians (but not other Germanic people) so i guess it could be of older origin than Slavic or Germanic perhaps Celtic. This is it; http://www.slavorum.com/index.php?topic=2154.15


Anyway in Slovene language vámp means sexual attractive woman which is fatal to men. Sorta like femme fatale however this term is rarely used. ;D On the other hand vàmp is widely used and it means part of stomach i think it is called paunch in English and vampi is food made out of that stomach part usually pig's paunch. By the way i hate vampi but my relatives love it. ;D



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