Wow, those masks look really cool. Now you'd just need 1 goat skull to make a satanic sacrifice  ;D

I read that some scandinavians still perform similar rituals today though with simpler costumes. Usually an animal mask with a fur vest. It could be an indo-european custom.

Now I feel like getting one of those costumes. Too bad we don't have a real halloween like in the west.

Hehehehe well maybe we are Scandinavians! :D I mean besides this original Slovene word for beer is ol (until 19th century) and similar hay-racks like Slovene Kozolec are found in Sweden. Heh leaving this asides this tradition is Slovene & Austrian (+ some border region) redneck Halloween except it is way cooler than Irish Halloween. Halloween aint got nothing on us! ;D Well to be honest Slovene St. Nicholas day is not anymore as cool as it was. When i was kids devils were still common sight but now i don't see them in my village anymore! :'(

Some good old school Miklavževanje;

Miklavževanje Železniki 2010


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