1:59 – St. Nicholas or Santa on coke zero? :)

Damn that must've been intense.  I have seen 1 real Halloween in Canada: Families decorated their yards with scary dolls and other supermarket crap. I did kinda look nice but you're right, ourz iz bettah!

We should declare war on them irish and spread our festival across all of Europe

Hahha Irish are spreading boring stuff. ;D Nah just joking they are alright. Anyway yeah it is St. Nicholas. We don't have Santa tradition in Slovenia except via Coca Cola. One of many things we don't share with Scandinavians. ;D St. Nick's role usually takes some funny guy. :)

This tradition is called Miklavževanje (Miklavž = St. Nicholas) or Parkljevanje (Parkl = that devil looking mascot), etc. (also other names). I realy like it. I will try to be parkl this year but there is no folk interested to gang up into devils around here since folks nowadays are realy boring. They don't wanna have some St. Nick fun anymore. :- >:(


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