It did depend from tribe to tribe… Croats were constantly perceived as warrior tribe, and they were called by roman Emperor to settle the Dalmatia and Panonia to defend the land from Avars. Wends also were perceived as a warrior tribe, as well as some east Slavic ones… thought definitely there were peaceful mostly farmer tribes as well… nothing is only white or black thought.

Vikings on their first raids onto East-Slavic lands were pushed out, thought were invited later by same East-Slavic tribes to establish peace and unity among warlike Slavic tribes, that's how Kievan Rus started on example. Then Varagnians were originally an Viking tribe, but at the period when Varagnians were attacking Constantinopole they were made of boh Scandinavian Germancs and Slavs together under the name Varagnians.

There literally hundreds of things to say… you should probably read a bit more Jer.