Perhaps roots were in Serbian Racowie or indeed maybe first few of “hussars” of 1500’s were Serb mercenaries (under totally different military concept), I don’t know to be honest (though Pentaz will remember from SF days this discussion ;D), I can’t say for sure, but in any case, Polish hussars as we know them were completely different concept from Serbian gusars, or how they were called. Polish concept was one of winged, heavily armed and armored knights on large, strong horses charging enemy with inertia of of their weight spurring them on in order to completely crush enemy army in one cavalry charge. This was especially achieved at Kirchholm against Sweden, against Muscovy at Klushino, against Ukrainian Cossacks at Berestechko and against Turks in Vienna, but I have not heard of such concept in Serbian history where heavily-armored, winged hussars road in one way and flattened enemy in one charge. To my understanding, they were lightly-armored/lightly-armed raiders used in catching enemy caravans and harassment, so I think that indeed there could have been SOME historical link, one cannot say that Serbs created Polish husaria (like some Serbs unfortunately claim).