Yeah i’ll be waiting you with a burning cross.

Well other south Slavs are considered aggressive, hothead and sometimes stupid. Many people just simply lump Croats, Bosniaks, Montenegrins and Serbs as Bosanci, not necessarily because they don’t know the difference. Macedonians aren’t really profiled much and Bulgarians are not well known here. Its hard to say we don’t talk about other Slavs very much but calling someone Čeh (Czech) is a slur in some places but exact meaning is unknown to me. I’d say maybe east is associated with alcoholism, idk. But then again i must say there is wide range of opinions among individuals.

Since you are Serb. Serbs are considered bossy by some older generations.

Now those are just some typical negatives in reality Slovenes are
predominantly positive towards all and for the most part you will be
judged on individual level.

Actually many people don’t know much about Slavs or even what Slav is tbh. Also i had heard some folks for example say Pravoslavci pray to many Gods. Or one of my friends thought his coworker is Orthodox and said to me he can’t eat pork and drink booze. That’s mostly newer generations. Older ones know these things.