And from same forum, I copy-paste my reply there.  ;D

Name "Wilkolak" is my nickname since high school days (in Polish it means werewolf and is actually spelled Wilkołak). I grew my hair and beard very long and at this time, it was very thick hair, so people thought I looked like werewolf and because most of what they saw me was hair, they called me this. Still today, some members of my family and friends still call me it and it stuck with me. Or they just call me "wilk" (wolf).

And Pentaz, permit me to inform you on your avatar  ;D That is picture of Welesław (Veleslav) from Radogoszcz.
I post some more of his pictures in Slavic heathenism thread soon.

EDIT – Regarding avatar, one I currently have is of Lech, Czech and Rus, three brothers and legendary ancestors of all Slavs:

Lech, Čech, and Rus is a legend of three brothers – Lech, Čech, and Rus – who founded three Slavic nations: Poland (also known as Lechia), Bohemia (Čechy, now known as the Czech Republic), and Ruthenia (Rus', whose successor states are now Russia, Belarus and Ukraine).