Svätoslava (ä is a specific sound between a and e, closer to e, not as German ä!) is Slavic name in its Slovak form, very rarely used nowadays.
Its meaning is like famous by the strength (proto-Slavic svet6 means strong). But I'm not sure about the meaning, 'cause in the 1. Old Church Slavic poem Proglas is also this word : Proglas7 jesm6 svętu jevangel6ju (read: Progla-s jesmi sventu jevangeliju) with translation I am the foreword of the Saint Gospel. So there's difference. Any suggestion?

In my avatar is a young Slovenka. I found picture of herself in http://www.ved.sk and I like the way she is looking.. Proudly, but not superior. Pensively with the wind in her hair.. Yes, I love her long hair much.