My avatar is Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, yes a German philospher. But Friedrich Nietzsche always said he wasn't German but  descending from a noble Polish family called Nieski (read what he wrote in "Ecce homo" about his roots :P ) refuged in Germany because of religious persecution. However his philosphy forged me when I was more young and that's all :D

And what about username meaning? ;)

About my Username:

Rod is the god of fertility and light. His name means "kin," and he is linked with ancestor worship. Rod originally created the world and life itself. He is represented as being "seated in the air." He has a wife called Rozanica (or perhaps plural wives), though this seems to be confused with the Rozhanitsy.

It is a Slavic God. 718 is the year when the Bizantine Emperor Leo III defeats Arabs, and stop his Europe invasion. I could choose the year when Jan Sobieski won at the gates o Vienna but it is only a number and it is shorter then 1683 :)


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