The style of the monument to Duke Karposh  reminds me veary much of the one of the monuments to Knyaz Svatoslav Igorevich in Kiev
[img width=700 height=525]http://www.gorodkiev.com/img/svyatoslav-1.jpg” />

I changed my avatar and in the picture there's a Slovak top model Karin Savková. I like her expression.  :)


I am already in love with Slovak women.  ;)

Well, my avatar means of the incarnations of Rarog, the Falcon of Rurikids and my nickname Burevoy (Burivoy) is taken from the legendary knyaz of North-western Slavs, the father of legendary Gostomysl, the olderman of Novgorod. I guess he was a ruler of Arcona and originated from Veleti-Lutichi-Ruz(g)i.
There is a very colourful poem by Alexey Tolstoy entitled Borivoy. If you think you can read Russian verses with some archaic words, I invite you to do so here: