I guess you don't need explanation about my username. :) It's just an anglicized version of "Kolovrt". I don't remember how I started using it, but I go on many places by that same name. Besides, if you read it fast in English, it sounds like "call of wrath". I thought it was cool at the time.  ::) :D

When I had to chose an avatar for Slavorum, I found this interesting depiction of kolovrt. I liked it because of its colors – it was a yellow sun wheel on a red background – just like the Macedonian flag. I adjusted it and voilà – I had a new avatar.
But, later I found out that I have taken it from the Coat of Arms of the city of <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makhachkala">Makhachkala</a&gt;, which is the capital of Dagestan! It isn't something exclusively Slavic (Wiki says the city is only 18% Russian) but, it still looks good to me. :D



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