Svätoslava (ä is a specific sound between a and e, closer to e, not as German ä!) is Slavic name in its Slovak form, very rarely used nowadays.
Its meaning is like famous by the strength (proto-Slavic svet6 means strong). But I'm not sure about the meaning, 'cause in the 1. Old Church Slavic poem Proglas is also this word : Proglas7 jesm6 svętu jevangel6ju (read: Progla-s jesmi sventu jevangeliju) with translation I am the foreword of the Saint Gospel. So there's difference. Any suggestion?

In my avatar is a young Slovenka. I found picture of herself in http://www.ved.sk and I like the way she is looking.. Proudly, but not superior. Pensively with the wind in her hair.. Yes, I love her long hair much.

Most probably your nick was derived from from    свѧтъ (svętu) or свѩтъ (svjętu) – saint and princley ending сла́въ. First person with such name was Grand Prince of Rus' Svyatoslav (His name is recorded in Greek as: Σφενδοσθλάβος (sfenthoslavos) OCS: Свѧтосла́въ И́горевичь) It is first Slavic name among Princes of  Rus'. It was derived from names of his Grand-Uncle and Grandfather Ольгъ and Рю́рикъ (Helgi and Hrorekr) (Saint and Glorius, Glorious mighty). First women with such name was sister of Danish king Cnut the Great, their mother was Polish.


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