Hm… SlavicMuse was a username I took for multiple reasons.  Many of friends are writers and artists and have said I was there muse for some project they worked on.  So it started out as just that – a Slavic muse.  And still is how the name started.  But I keep it along with a few others I use all tying to my Slavic heritage. Quite proud of it.  But as a writer myself, I'm always looking for my inner muse since I haven't found an external muse.

My avatar was originally a kolovrat.  But for now is a picture of me in Serbian folklore costume.  A friend of mine here in Srbija dances in a troupe and she dressed me in 5 different costumes one day, did basic make-up, and took photos.  Said I was too Slavic looking to not have photos.  Said that she's help me put together a traditional costume when I found out the area from where my family comes.  =)  Love her to death!  Of course in this picture, I'm wearing her braid which is 10x too dark for my hair color.  I've got naturally platinum blonde here and she's a brunette. But it worked to get the idea and feel of the costumes.


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