Last name is Latino.  Family left Seville Spain in the early 1600's. Can trace records back to the early 1700's.  Some family names were Casimiro and Lazaro.  So, it could have been worse.  My grandmother in Costa Rica's father was from Turin and came to Central America to manage gold mines.  Her mom was a middle class Panamanian family.  She was first married to a gringo engineer who was working on the Panama canal.  He died of yellow fever a week after their wedding.  Two months later, she met he guy from Italy and married him that day.

Interesting story. I find it amazing how one can know the story of his ancestors so much back. Sadly, I can trace myy rooths back only to some 1850s … But I can say they were all Styrians (surpisingly) though I believe there must be some hidden conections to Croatian Zagorje area.  :)