Maybe a little bit off topic, but when talking about popes and their Slavic origin, I'd like to mention a pope who were not of Slavic origin but he liked Slavs very much. It was Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferreti /1792-1878/). He and his friend, a famous composer Franz Liszt arranged the great millennial celebration to commemorate the arrival of St. Constantin and Methodius to the Greater Moravia in 863. It was in 1863 and Franz Liszt composed the Slavino Slavno Slaveni thereat. It's interesting for many people that Franz Liszt refused to participate in the celebration of Magyar arrival to the Pannonia. He actually was not ethnically Magyar, but he felt like a Hungarian which didn't mean nationality but citizenship of the multi-ethnic Kingdom of Hungary (where Magyars never created even the half) – even Austrians understood this. Mother of Franz Liszt was an Austrian Marie Anna Lager and his father was a Slovak Adam Liszt. His grandfather was Juraj List – officially in this form – Juraj LIST, which means a leaf (that should know every Slav, 'cause it's common Slavic word) and his grandmother was Barbara Slezáková. They spoke Slovak, his father spoke Slovak, not Magyar and even Franz Liszt did not speak Magyar language. But on this great composer in another topic another time.. :)