Krali Marko was a Macedonian Serb, and his state was centered in Macedonia.

Marko Kraljević (Марко Краљевић) was not Macedonian Serb because lot of facts, but to cut them short: There was no state called Macedonia then. He was son of Serbian king, Macedonia was in that time ruled by Serbs, Skoplje was Serbian Capital, all other parts of Macedonia were ruled by Serbian nobles, (Dragaši, Jovan Oliver, Radoslav Hlapen), King Vukašin was „господина зємли срьбьскои и грькѡмь и западнимь странамь“ no mention  of any Macedonians. This would be akin when somebody would consider Crusader Kings as national heroes of Arabs.

Pleas, dont see this as insult or anything intended aginst your people, I am just presenting historical facts.

Well, I will add few Serbian national heroes.

Vuk Grgurević Branković (Serbian: Вук Гргуревић Бранковић), also known as Wolf the Fiery Dragon (Змај Огњени Вук ; ca. 1440 – April 16, 1485), was the titular Despot of Serbia from 1471 until his death in 1485. He inherited the title of despot (as a heir to the throne now under occupation of the Ottoman Empire), by King Matthias Corvinus and ruled most of present-day Vojvodina, under the overlordship of the Kingdom of Hungary. He is known in Serbian epic poetry for his valour and heroism; he commanded the Hungarian army (Black Army) in several of its battles against the Ottomans.

Veljko Petrović (Serbian: Вељко Петровић; ca. 1780–1813), known simply as Hajduk Veljko (Хајдук Вељко), was a one of the voivodes (military commanders) of the Serbian Revolutionary forces in the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire. His personal bravery was extraordinary and won him extraordinary praise and fame throughout Serbia and the Balkans.


Atanasko Tanasko Rajić (Serbian: Атанаско Танаско Рајић; 1754 – 1815) was a Serbian vojvoda (military commander) and revolutionary, the barjaktar (flag bearer) in the First Serbian Uprising led by Karađorđe against the occupying Ottoman Empire, and the captain in Obrenović's Second Serbian Uprising, during which he died (1815).


Luka Vukalović (Serbian: Лука Вукаловић; 1823-1873) was leader of few Serbain rebelions in Hercegovina, between 1852 and 1862.


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