Petar „Pecija“ Popović (Serbian: Петар Пеција Поповић, 1826-1875) was Serbian hajduk from Western Bosna and leader of few rebelions against Turks in second half of 19th century.


Miloš Obilić (Serbian: Милош Обилић; died 1389) was a medieval Serbian knight in the service of Prince Lazar, during the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. He is not mentioned in contemporary sources, but he features prominently in later accounts of the Serbian defeat at the Battle of Kosovo as the legendary assassin of the Ottoman sultan Murad I. Although he remains anonymous in the extant sources until the 18th century, the dissemination of the story of Murad's assassination in Florentine, Serbian, Ottoman and Greek sources suggests that versions of it circulated widely across the Balkans within half a century after the event.

Miloš became a major figure in Serbian epic poetry, in which he is elevated to the level of the most noble national hero of medieval Serbian folklore. Acording to some legends he was child of Dragon and vila and Car Dušan raised him. Some epic poems see in him son.in-law of Serbian Prince St. Lazar
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Bogdan Zimonjić (Serbian:Богдан Зимоњић; 1813-1909), Orthodox protopresbyter, Serbian vojvoda and leader of few rebelions in Hercegovina. Father of St. Petar of Sarajevo, WWII martyr.

Stevan Sinđelić (Serbian: Стеван Синђелић ; 1770 – May 19, 1809) was vojvoda of Resava Area during the Serbian Revolutionary War (1804-1813) against Ottoman Empire. As commander of the unit he participated in many small and large battles, as are Battle of Ivankovac in 1805 and Battle of Deligrad in 1806. In the battle of Čegar Hill for the Niš Fortress on 1809, his unit was surrounded by the enemy, without the help and with no way out, he decided to with pistol shoot in gunpowder, after which was created a huge explosion that shook the Čegar Hill. He is a symbol of patriotism, personal courage and sacrifice among the Serbs.
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Stojan Janković Mitrović (Serbian: Стојан Јанковић Митровић; 1636–1687) was the commander of the Dalmatian Serbs (Morlach army), in the service of the Republic of Venice, from 1669 until his death in 1687. He participated in the Cretan and Great Turkish War, as the supreme commander of the Venetian Serb troops, of which he is enumerated in Serb epic poetry. He was one of the three best-known uskok/hajduk leaders of Kotar.



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