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There were Serbs that were older, more powerful, or more influential, but as historical personalities go, none is as important for the Serbs as Nemanja Vukanović is, the progenitor of the imperial dynasty, founding father of the Serb culture.

Father to:

    [li]Stefan Nemanjić – Nemanja's successor, first

King of All Serbian lands, 1196–1228[/li]
[li]Rastislav 'Rastko' Nemanjić (Saint Sava) (1171–1236) – The first archbishop and saint of the Serbian Orthodox Church.[/li]
[li]Vukan Nemanjić – Prince of Doclea and briefly Grand Prince of Rascia.[/li]
[li]Jefimija – married Manuel Angelus Ducas Regent of Thesaloniki (+1241).[/li]
[li]unknown daughter – married an unknown member of the Asen family, gave birth to the Bulgarian Tsar Constantine Tih Asen (reigned 1257–1277).[/li]

Much is already written about him, his sons and descendants, as well as his legacy, so if interested feel free to read yourself through.


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