I am sorry, but must object that statment. You could see text here: http://www.dusanov-zakonik.com/ There is no reference to any other nations except Serbs and Greeks in Code.
His title in Greek was: βαδιλευς και αυτοκρατωρ Σερβιας και Ρωμανιας, in Old Church Slavonic his tile was longer:Азь в Хрїста Бога благовѣрни и Богомь поставлени Стефань, царь вьсемь Срьблѥмь и Грькѡмь и западнимь странамь, сирѣчь Арбанасѡмь, и Поморию и вьсемь Дисоу.
There was no any mention on Macedonia in his diplomas, nor in code.

But that's the place I've got my information:


I'm not an expert in Old Church Slavonic, but I read "…македонискаго цра стефана…" there, written with red ink.
I guess his title varied with the different transcription of his Code.


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