The topic states: Present your national heros, people who, by your opinion, done most for your nation.

    [li]You posting Czechs, could be that you are a Czech. [/li]

Well Makedonec posted Alexander the Great, and Lubomire posted some Czechs, so I thought it was ok.

He is not a villain, and was surely a capable Czech politician, but he did support the bombing and killing of Slavs (unarmed civilians, not the army), as well as burning and genocide of Slavs living in their own country by a foreign non-Slavic force. Not someone I would consider a hero in the spirit of Slavdom.

Pentaz posted Ante Starcevic, a man who seemed to dislike Serbs. I figured it would be alright to post about Havel since he is a national hero for the Czechs. I never heard of him advocating genocide, explain to me why he is anti-slav. So he didn't want to kick out Germans in his country, that's not exactly anti-slav.


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