Well Makedonec posted Alexander the Great, and Lubomire posted some Czechs, so I thought it was ok.

Pentaz posted Ante Starcevic, a man who seemed to dislike Serbs. I figured it would be alright to post about Havel since he is a national hero for the Czechs. I never heard of him advocating genocide, explain to me why he is anti-slav. So he didn't want to kick out Germans in his country, that's not exactly anti-slav.

Inter-Slavic quarell is one thing, I may support the Czechs against the Slovaks or vice versa, but I would never support Hungarians against the Slovaks, since it is not a Slavic thing to do, in my opinion that is. Havel did exactly this, not only Havel of course, but we are talking about Havel.

Did you ever hear anyone advocating genocide? If you openly support actions which goals are to erase a Slavic ethnicity from their own territory, you are supporting genocide. Calling it a necessary action to provide peace and stability to the region is a nice way to put it, since you gain peace by defeating the one, and erasing the other, why he have chosen to support the non-Slavic side of the conflict, is open for discussion.

– When Lubomir was born, it was one nation, for Alexander the Great, well the same like me posting Constantine the Great, he was there but not one of us.


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