Inter-Slavic quarell is one thing, I may support the Czechs against the Slovaks or vice versa, but I would never support Hungarians against the Slovaks, since it is not a Slavic thing to do, in my opinion that is. Havel did exactly this, not only Havel of course, but we are talking about Havel.

The only time I ever heard of Havel being anti-slavic was when he disagreed with Czechs on expelling ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia. But then again, I'm not an expert on Havel.

– When Lubomir was born, it was one nation, for Alexander the Great, well the same like me posting Constantine the Great, he was there but not one of us.

Alexander the Great and Constantine the Great weren't Slavs, they did nothing for the modern states and people of Serbia and Macedonia. If we're allowed to post people who did nothing for our nations and aren't even slavs, but only were born in what is now Slavic lands, does this mean I can post Bato the Daesitiate as a Bosnian hero?


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