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[td][img height=200]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7d/Husein_Gradashevich_kapetan.jpg/415px-Husein_Gradashevich_kapetan.jpg” />[/td]
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[td]Husein-kapetan Gradaščević

Husein-kapetan Gradaščević was a Bosniak Muslim general who fought for Bosnian autonomy in the Ottoman Empire. He is often referred to as"Zmaj od Bosne", meaning "Dragon of Bosnia". Gradaščević was born in Gradačac in 1802—hence his surname Gradaščević, meaning "of Gradačac"—and grew up surrounded by a political climate of turmoil in the western reaches of the Ottoman Empire. The young Husein developed a reputation for wise rule and tolerance and soon became one of the most popular figures in Bosnia. He led the Bosnian Uprising.[/td]


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