I believe he didn't hate neither the Austrians or Serbian people, rather politics. Thought as all politicians of the era they all became megalomantic with their claims. Hate between Croats and Serbs started with arguing of Vuk Karadžić and Ante Starčević…both funnily are considered as national pillars of their nations.

On example Ante Starčević had an idea of uniting all south slavs, meaning Serbs as well(as he didin't hate the people), but he wanted for them all to bear the Croatian name, while Vuk Karadžić wanted the same thing with Serbian name…that's the era when the numerous political and linguistic propaganda started etc…

Pentaz, I would not like this to go in argue, but you could not equate Vuk Karadžić and Ante Starčević. Vuk Karadžić was world class intelectual, cosmopolite and friend of Goete, Leopold Ranke, brothers Grimm and Jernej Kopitar. Despite his statmnets, Vuka was not seen as enemy of Croatian patriots, Illyrian movement, because their ideas were pretty much similar. Illiran movement chose Illirain name as common name for South Slavs, Vuk chose Serbian one. Besides it Vuk did not call Croats animals.

Ante Starčević, called nation of his own mother animals, or feces of Croats.


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