Both we're highly educated people, Starčević was a doctorate in philosophy. Point is we both view the opposite one as the bad guy. From Croatian perspective Serbization of Croats by Vuk Karadžićs writings is as well hilarous and laughing material and probably one of the resons of Starčevićs later rants. Point is and taken, we probably shouldn't discuss, however what i am sure is that these two taken as pillars of the named states are ones that are both directly and indirectly guilty of all massacres later happening between Croats and Serbs. Ante Starčević and his Croatization of Serbs and hate for it's political top, while Vuk Karadžić pretending as if there is no Croats and Serbization of everything Croatian. For a third party perspective they would be both viewed upon as just megalomantic, excessivley nationalistic and akin to over-romanticizing their nations. So yeah, let's just stop discussing it.

Well you can't really hate someone, and proclaim them as your own people. "Slavoserbs are feces and have to die, for they are Croats" is not a construct a sane person could stand behind, Ante was clearly not on the sane side. It is like our deranged here proclaiming Bosniaks to be Turks, but actually muslim Serbs, or Bosniaks telling Serbs that they are Turks, for their women were raped sometime in history by their own ancestors.

As for Vuk Stefanovic, why did Croats accept him, is a question Croats have to ask themselves? He was invited by the Croats, and his proclamation that Slavs who speak shtokavian (not chakavian and kajkavian) and bear the same origin as the rest of the Serbs, are Serbs, aside which religion they now have, was accepted by the Croats. There is a logic behind it and it is plausible (same origin, same language, hard they were two totally different people), nonetheless it is the freedom of every person to identify with what he wants. Like I said, Serbs identify by kin unlike Croats that identify by religion (namely Catholicism).

Vuk Stefanovic didn't proclaim Croats to be Serbs, but those Slavs that shared common traits, origin and language with the rest of the Serb populus, to be Serbs as well. He may be a laughing matter, but it was not his mistake for Croats inviting him, accepting his views, adopting his linguistical standard as theirs, and neglecting their own, namely old-Croatian chakavian, which even for a Serb like me, is sad to see go to waste, since that language is the main identity of the old Croats. Like I said, it was not his mistake for the soup Croats got themselves into, namely Serbianisation and Yugoslavia, but theirs.

As for Serbianisation and Croatisation, we have far less foreign ethnicities (Hungarians, Croats, Bulgarians etc.) in our ethnos, than Croats do, which has a very significant amount of foreign non-Croat sometimes even non-Slavic surnames in their ethnos. You I believe being an example of it as well. So one has to reflect, which nation was more likely to be built on forceful assimilation of others and which not.

P.S. Vuk Stefanovic as a pillar of the state is far from far fetched, he is not that respected. He is respected for his ethnological research (stories, poems, heritage etc.) but a lot of Serbs (including myself) see his work about linguistics as a desecration of our language, rather than improvement. He took a vulgar variant of our language and raised it to the literary standard, millenia old heritage erased for more efficiency, not all Serbs are good with that.


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