What I forgot to mention is that according to Ante Starcevic, I quote:


Učenu je svetu poznano da ime Serb ili Serv starinom, ime Slav srednjem veku biaše kod svih narodah obćenito za sužnja, te se tome imenu tuđu, Hervati i Poljaci vazda ugibali; i da ono na ove narode nespada više nego na primer na Engleze.

[size=8pt]English translation[/size]
It is known throughout the academical world, that for the name Serb or Serv by antiquity, the name Slav in the Middle Ages was, usually as a description for slaves, and that this foreign name Croats and Poles always averted; so that it doesn't describe these nations, more than it describes e.g. the Englishmen.

[size=9pt]– from the work "Pasmina Slavoserbska po Hervatskoj" or "The Slavic-Serb breed in Croatia", page 5, written by Ante Starčević, 1876 Zagreb[/size][/li]

I honestly cannot understand a person who sees himself a Slav, even an active supporter of the preservation of the Slavic heritage, and then states Ante Starčević as his national hero, a person that describes Slavs as breed (even those in then imperial Russia) not capable of being anything else than slaves, from which they got their name. Are you people aware of which personalities you are posting on this site, Husein Beg Gradascevic a guy that rebelled against the Ottomans for being too liberal towards the Slavs of the Ottoman Empire, is someones national Slavic hero?!?

– Negative reps for idiocy have to follow! One cannot commend ignorance. Read about the people you are posting.


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