Count Nikolay Rayevskiy (Russian: Никола́й Никола́евич Рае́вский , 1840-1876), was Russian colonel who patricipated in Serbian-Turkish war 1675-1876 as volunteer. He was commanding detachment of Serbian army in victorious battles of Šumatovac and Aleksinac. He showed great courage, when his detachment crushed right Turkish flank. Colonel Rayevsky was killed in decisive Battle of Arovac, which saw numrically superior Turks as winners. Colonel Rayevsky is grandson and namesake of general Nikolay Rayevskiy, hero of Napoleonic wars. On place where count Rayevkiy was killed, Nikanor Ružičić, bishop of Niš built church in 1903. According to  some scholars he was model for Tolstoy's count Vronskiy in famous novel Anna Karenina

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Mustafa Golubić (Serbian:Мустафа Голубић 1889-1941), was leader of Serbian guerilla fighters, komiti,  in Kosovo, Old Serbia and Macedonia both before and during Balkan Wars, member of Mlada Bosna, volunteer in World War I. For courage shown in Balkan Wars, he recieved medal of Obilić personall from Crown Prince Aleksandar. In 1915 he brought 1000 volunteers from Russian in Serbia (mainly from Austro-Hungarain soldiers of Serbian ethnicity who did not wish to fight for Austria and surendered to Russian troops). In 1917 he become member of Black Hand, organization of officers responsable for coup d' etat from 1903. Due to personal conflict between colonel Dimitrijević and Prince Aleksandar, no Regent, leaders of Black Hand went on court martial and hanged after it. Wishing to revenge his friends deaths Golubić aproached USSR, sworn enemy of Yugoslavian Monarchy (due to open support for White emigration from side of Yugoslav Governemnt). Some sources hold him responsible for death of Trockiy. In 1941 he acted as iliason between group of officers, who owerthrow pro-German Government in Yugoslavia, and USSR. Mustafa Golubić was killed  by Gestapo 1941.

[img height=200]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/sr/7/79/Mustafa_Golubic.jpg” />


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