I thought the topic was about National Heroes, not national Pan-Slavists. Croats happen to see Ante Starčević as a National Hero, same as many of your Serbs see Draža, Mladić and other individuals as heroes as well. Why negative rep? I'm not sure do i follow but clam yourself down as it wasn't a provocation rather my misunderstanding of the point of this topic.
…this topic in general has no sense since most of Slavic countries have "national heros" that fought the neighboring Slavic countries so just listing this stuff makes no sense.

Seeing an ardent Anti-Slavist such as Ante Starčević was, as a national hero of a Slavic nation, is an oxymoron in my eyes. He may have supported 'Croats' but not the ones that saw themselves as Slavs, those he saw as unworthy breed, feces in his own words. Of course one may fit it into a historical context, but nonetheless in context or not, supporting him means, supporting his Slavophobic views. Thats why it is hard for me to comprehend that a Slavic nation like Croatia is and Slavic people like Croats are, see an Anti-Slavist as hardcore as Ante Starčević was (that saw Slavs as breed of feces, capable of only being slaves and servants, whose name they according to him bear), as a national hero.


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