I would ask some Croatian user if possible to post something about that guys.

I am still waiting for a Croat to write something about the 'twelve old Croat clans'; Čudomirići, Gusići, Jamometići, Kačići, Karinjani and Lapčani, Kukari (Klьkarь), Lasničići (Lačničići), Mogorovići, Polečići (Poletčići), Snačići (Svačići), Šubići knezovi Bribirski, Tugomirići, from which the Croats descend from; the last Croatian King, Petar (Svačići), Nikola Šubić Zrinski (Šubići knezovi Bribirski) etc.

I would have written it already myself, but it being a very important part of the Croat ethnical heritage, I personally would rather see a Croat than a Serb writing about it. I am eager to see are some descendents of the clans among the users of this forum, and do they still exist since the clans are, as far as I know, today largely extinct, first by the Magyars and then by the Turks.

Ajmo Hrvati, knjige u ruke.


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